Since the Quarantine Started

Ellie Maranda, Editor

Since the quarantine started, my days have been very different than how they were pre-CoVID19. The change has not been fully negative or completely positive, but a mixture of both at times. 

I’ve spent my days doing activities I don’t typically have time to do when life is normal. I’ve been reading books I’ve collected over the years, painting designs I’ve posted on Pinterest boards for months, browsing Spotify and listening to new albums from new artists, and binge watching all the shows and movies I’ve saved to ‘My List’ on Netflix. I’ve been staying in touch with my friends through social media, especially those who will be my classmates at the University of Iowa in the fall (I even found my roommate!). While I miss seeing my friends and teachers at school every day, I’ve enjoyed the surplus of extra time I’ve had lately. It’s been relaxing and a great opportunity to destress. 

My days in quarantine have been unlike days in my typical life. Before we started online school, half of my days would be spent in sweatpants on the couch being lazy and the other half I would at least try to do something mildly productive. Now that I have assignments every day, I’ve been trying to get up before noon, with the help of a cup or two of coffee, to get them done. I try to stay active every day, whether doing at home workouts or going for a walk with my family.

During the typical school year, I wake up around 7am. Lately I’ve been sleeping in, usually until 10am, which I’ve been loving as someone who isn’t necessarily a morning person. I’ll make coffee, a bit of breakfast, and get my homework done, usually still in my pajamas. Then, if I’m not feeling too lazy, I’ll do a quick workout and then get ready for the day. After that, I have the rest of the day free to hang out with my dog or watch something on TV (My friends and I recently discovered the Netflix Party Extension and it’s been a lifesaver).

My days now aren’t necessarily less or more enjoyable, they’re just different. Certain aspects are great, like sleeping more, and others aren’t as likeable, such as not seeing my classmates and instructors every day. 

— Ellie Maranda

 My schedule isn’t even close to the way it used to be. I fall asleep later in the night and wake up later in the mornings. I do schoolwork for less time now than I typically did pre-quarantine, but I complete assignments at my own pace. My flute lessons are now online rather than in person. I’ve even joined Zoom calls hosted by the University of Iowa to receive information about programs I plan to be involved in, like Honors. While at first, the lack of a rigid schedule made it hard for me to stay productive, now I’ve come to enjoy the flexibility. While the current situation isn’t exactly ideal, we’re all making the best out of this uncertain time and embracing the differences.