Amelia Pena, Editor

As a kid, having a bunch of older cousins, sitting at the Iwireless Center, Bettendorf High School, and Wharton Field House for hours watching my cousins and my brother graduate was SO irritating to a young girl like me. Every graduation we went to, they always seemed so happy. Taking all these pictures with their friends they’ve known since kindergarten, family coming into town, having graduation parties, it all seemed like such a good time. 

During this pandemic, and being unable to go to school and finish my senior year has been really challenging for me to accept. I feel like I haven’t come to terms with it yet and really have it processed in my mind. It just doesn’t feel real YET. I haven’t thought about it all too much because I don’t want to get emotional. I feel like once we all get into our caps and gowns and watch the virtual graduation, it’ll feel real at that point.

Dealing with this challenge has been something I’ve done on my own. I feel like I need to come to terms with it alone and really feel like it’s real on my time. Knowing I will have a graduation ceremony in August does make me feel better.