My Grandpa’s Influence

Hannah Simmer, Writer

May 11, 2020

How you treat people and the morals you were taught growing up all depend on the family you were in. Luckily, in a weird sense, I was blessed with a grandpa that has his right leg paralyzed. When I was little, his house was the...



November 30, 2019

Music: Bringing Different Experiences Together

Gwendalyn Waggoner, Editor

November 30, 2019

Although music has always encapsulated Charlotte Boyer's life, when starting her most recent project, she was unaware of how much a song could change someone else’s life. Boyer was first introduced to the River Music Experience t...

Rocky’s New Groove

Jusele Irambona, Editor

October 22, 2019

 This year, at Rock Island High School, a new dance team will be started and run by Shanley Resch. Mrs. Resch is a teacher at Rock Island High School, but has had a lot of dancing experience. “I’ve been dancing since I was three,...

The Pride of Rock Island performs their show,

“To Find My Soul”

October 21, 2019

Rocky students enjoy the great assembly put on by the RIHS Student Council.

GRWM: Homecoming

October 21, 2019

The Pride of Rock Island performs during halftime of the home football game.

Leaderships Don’t Sink

October 21, 2019