Heap of The Week: Tristinn Davis and “Frankenstein’s Monster”

Ethan Kirkpatrick, Editor

Whether you’re outside of Hy-Vee after a grocery run, or you’re at the stadium getting ready for the next big game on a Friday night, you’ve probably heard Tristinn Davis’ car at one point or another. Painted red with a chalkboard hood, it is a rarity to see his car without some chalk drawings on it.

Tristinn owns a red and black 1994 Honda Civic LX, which he acquired from one of his dad’s friends. Despite the car looking and being more than twenty years old, it only has twenty thousand miles on it. The car is not in the best shape, due to the rust on the sides of the car’s body, and as Tristinn describes it, stating, “It’s falling apart at the seams.” 

One of the first anyone would see if they walked up to Tristinn’s car would be the bumper that is currently being held up by multiple industrial Zip-Ties. Tristinn mentioned that,  “There was an accident in winter; a head-on collision, which completely busted up my front end. So, because my front bumper was in half, I had to Zip-Tie it back together so it was in one piece.” Because of the major “stitches” that Tristinn has had to make to his car, it is pretty fitting that he has named his car, “Frankenstein’s Monster.” 

Probably the most notable part of Tristinn’s Honda would be the “chalkboard” on the hood of it. The story behind this special hood is connected to the Zip-Ties on his bumper! When Tristinn got into a head-on collision, not only was his bumper broken, but his hood was, too. So, Tristinn bought a new hood, and painted it matte black, to which he realized that chalk would work great on the new hood.

Tristinn is pretty happy about what he has. He is most proud of the interior of his car, along with his short throw shifter, engine, and transmission. Tristinn’s car is constantly changing throughout the year, whether it’s the drawings on his hood, the trim of the interior, or the rust around his wheels. Tristinn is really excited for his future and the future of his car, and his friends can’t wait to see what he does next.