My Rocks

Amelia Pena, Editor

For most of my life, I was never a mommy’s girl or a daddy’s girl. I think for the most part I was just a little bit of both. There are many scenarios where I am told I’m just like my mom because of my attitude and the way I talk and act. There are also many scenarios where I’m just like my dad because of the way I like to plan things out and always be 5 steps ahead.

From the beginning of quarantine and the closure of school, both of my parents have been there for me to support me and be a shoulder to cry on. They constantly check on me just to make sure I’m okay and if I need to talk about something they’re there. When we went down to Frances Willard Field on #BeTheLight Night, they were there. 

During the 9th week of quarantine, I got really ill and we had no idea what was wrong with me, I got tested for strep, covid-19, and they ran a throat culture. I was sure I had strep, I always get strep throat with no fever at all, although I don’t have my tonsils anymore. My throat was so swollen and throbbing non stop when my temperature hit 104.4. When all my tests came back negative we got a little scared because then we thought, “So what is it?” When I was up every four hours screaming in pain, my mom was there. When there was nothing I could eat but soup, my mom made soup. When I wanted Whitey’s, my mom went and got whiteys. She tracked my temp every hour and made sure I had some medicine for the pain. From the day I started feeling sick to the very last day, my mom was by my side the entire time. 

Every day, they work hard and have their own things to do, but they help me get through this tough time and help my sister along the way with her e-learning and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!