Challenging times

Kerrigan Lewis, Writer

During this pandemic, nothing has really been easy. We are all sitting on the edge of our seats hoping and waiting for this thing to end so that we can get back to our normal lives before this all occurred. 

  One thing that has happened that I consider challenging during this time is not being able to see my families and friends. I say this because some of my family’s birthdays are in this month and we usually will go and celebrate and have a good time with our loved ones. So not being able to do that was really disappointing. Considering my family is something that I love deeply. Even though we weren’t able to throw a perfect party, we did still get to go visit my aunt and stand outside by the car and wave to her and sing happy birthday, which made her happy. 

  Another thing that I found difficult is not being able to go shopping or just out in public without feeling scared or at first when we couldn’t leave unless it was necessary. And when I’m bored, I like to just be able to have that option to leave, even if I don’t buy anything. So I definitely miss having that option every day.  

   A way I have dealt with this is trying to find new hobbies around the house. Like redoing my bedroom or playing with my dog and going through my clothes. I also picked up skateboarding again considering I never had the time to do it a lot when school was in session, so this made me be able to get back into old hobbies. I also started learning more languages so that I can talk to more of my extended family members in the future when this is over. Which makes me feel better.

 Those are some things that I found difficult during this time. And are some of the ways I’ve dealt with it.