All I Need

Alayna Amidon, Editor

Social distancing has been filled with loads of boredom, stress, and low motivation for loads of people, but finding things that make quarantine a bit easier can go a long way.

It’s safe to say that surviving a quarantine in this day and age is almost impossible without the use of technology, as sad as that may sound upfront. I rely on my laptop to do my schoolwork and also for general entertainment such as netflix and youtube and I use my phone for things such as texting or calling friends and family to catch up or even looking up chords to play a certain song on the guitar. As bad as the virus is, I am thankful that it happened in a time where the world can still progress around us without direct social contact. A lot of people have the ability to work at home and our education hasn’t stopped just because a pandemic started. 

Along with technology, finding new hobbies and getting back into old ones has been a huge help in passing time. I’ve started journaling again and really taking my time to evaluate and organize my thoughts, though it’s been pretty difficult. I’ve also picked up the guitar, an instrument I’ve always wanted to learn but never thought I’d be able to. I’ve taught myself loads of different songs within the last two months and I’m glad that I decided to pick it up and find something productive to do with my time.

More than anything though, I’ve been trying my best to be more self reliant. I want to be able to cheer myself up better during times like this in the future and I want to overall not have to rely on anyone else to provide me happiness but myself. Seems like pretty common knowledge but it’s a lot easier said than done, especially at this age.

I’ve learned to appreciate the small things and everything I have in general. It’s important to realize that you’re all you need in quarantine.