Closer in Quarantine

Alayna Amidon, Editor

There’s no denying that quarantine has been tough on all of us, but things become just a bit easier when you’re surrounded by the right people.

I’ve spent most of my quarantine going between both parents’ homes and have found that this is the healthiest way for all of us, as a family, to catch a break from each other since we’re constantly stuck at home. You’d think that a house with a teenager and a parent would turn into chaos during quarantine but for me, it’s been the opposite. My parents are split and my relationship between both of them hasn’t always been the same, but I’m happy to say that quarantine has made my mom and I closer than we’ve ever been and has strengthened my bond with my dad even further. In my case, we’ve all started to open up more to each other and have gotten the chance to better listen and understand each other and I am so appreciative of the relationships I get to have with both of my parents.

On the other hand, my friends and I have been supporting each other by communicating through text or facetime. My best friend and I have facetimed more in the last month than we have in the last year and it’s been nice to know that we still have each other as an outlet to talk about anything and everything, even if we can’t physically be there for each other. After almost two months of self isolation, I was finally allowed to see my boyfriend and it’s been nice spending time with someone other than my parents, as much as I love them. 

Yes, I’ve missed my friends and family greatly, but I still get to communicate with them and am glad that I’ve grown closer with my parents, best friend and boyfriend despite all of the difficulty and frustration that has come with this crazy pandemic.