Perspective on COVID 19

Miranda Igo, Editor

When everything started to change, it felt like a bad dream. Shelves at the grocery store were bare, local restaurants closed. The town I’ve always called home became a ghost town. At first, I didn’t know what to think of everything. There were rumors the government was hiding information from the public. My parents were saying one thing, while the media said another, and I was stuck in the middle, not knowing what to believe.

At first, I didn’t think the virus was a big deal. I thought people were just freaking out about it because it was something new. But as the news started to grow, and the government got more serious, my mind changed. I said to myself, “If the government would really put the economy at risk, something really isn’t right.” 

— Miranda Igo

The day my opinion really changed was the day I found out my uncle’s father had it. It was hard to believe at first, especially since he was in Naperville. I thought, “Oh he’ll be fine. This will prove the virus isn’t a big deal.” Other members of the family tested positive for it, but were not affected as hard. After battling the aggressive virus for just over a week, the virus finally won. It attacked every part of his immune system, and took his life away. 

This really struck me because it made me realize two things. Number one, life is too short to take things for granted. You have to enjoy every little thing, and always cherish the time with the ones you love. Number two, this virus really is a big deal. It definitely affects different immune systems. This virus is serious in the matter that it can destroy lives in a instant.  I would say that this is a good way to sum up my feelings about the changes in the community and my opinion.