Day After Day

Darian Harding, Editor

There are 24 hours in a day. That gets broken into 1440 minutes. Then that gets broken down even further into 86400 seconds in a single day. Before everything happened, every day was like clockwork, wake up and go to school, go home and do chores, next get ready for work if scheduled, if not, homework and play on phone or keep myself busy until dinnertime or until I go to sleep. Every day was the same, but I liked that. School was my routine, my way of living. My way of living has been disrupted. I don’t have to wake up every day at 7. I don’t have to argue with my sister about getting ready so we can leave on time, threatening to leave her at home if she wasn’t in the car on time. Now, we have online assignments. We don’t get to see our favorite teachers and staff every day. 

Today, I do my online assignments, not seeing my classmates or teachers, having to email them if I have a question about the assignment, not being able to have that face-to-face learning. Today, I have to deal with my parents bugging me to do my chores or hangout with them since I was always so busy before the pandemic. I miss going to school every morning until 1:00, seeing all my friends and teachers. I miss having physical, paper assignments to do, hurrying to finish the last bits before the next period because I forgot to do a part, or the whole assignment. 

Nowadays, my time is spent watching Criminal Minds or playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare or going to work for 6+ hours. I scroll through my Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat; just trying to kill time.

Time doesn’t fly when all you can think about is going back to school and seeing everyone. Time slows down when you can clean your room only so many times, watch so many episodes, listen to so many songs, and sleep so many hours.

— Darian Harding

During this pandemic, I have spent so much money online. I have bought many shirts from Til Valhalla, which is an organization who helps veterans. I purchased a few bracelets from a few different organizations. I even bought a children’s book specifically because one of my favorite actors wrote it. My bank account was angry at me, but I liked the enjoyment I get from seeing a package with my name on the front sticker. A lot of my time is spent thinking, thinking about what I would be doing right now if I was still allowed to go to school.

I miss everything about school. From the loud bells to the sometimes gross cafeteria food, all the way to the sounds of weights hitting each other weight room. Everything I have been doing since school ended has been nothing important, but wasting time until I could go back to school. Too much time and effort has been put into our education for it to all come to an end before it was supposed to. We still had two months left. Two months to hang out with our friends in the classroom, now we can’t even hangout with them outside the classroom. Now our graduation is at jeopardy. 

As a senior, I wish I could go back and redo everything. I wish I would have known that my time would be cut short. All the homework and quizzes and tests we have done was leading up to us walking across the stage and getting our diplomas.

Time is short, too short if you ask me. Do everything you can to enjoy everything you do, put in 100% effort and try your hardest in everything.