Hannah Dale, Writer

  This pandemic has changed my life in many aspects. But, by far, the biggest one is my senior year. My senior year has quite literally been snatched from my hands. 

     I was going to attend for very first prom this year, and now I won’t be able to. I understand it’s for everyone’s safety, it’s just saddening to know I won’t be able to get the full blown high school experience.

     These four years were going by like a breeze, and myself and many others grew and developed as young courageous adults, and now we won’t even be able to walk the stage with our class. Or, if we do, we may only have one loved one in the audience, not our whole family.

     Everything I have done led to the moment where I would grab my diploma, shake hands, and maybe even do a little dance out of excitement. No matter what, I will get what I deserve, all of my class will. We’re all Rocks!