Kaylea Roessler, Writer

While COVID-19 has drastically changed what I do on a daily basis, I am keeping myself very busy, so busy that it feels like a full school day, but without the schoolwork. Since spring break started,  I have been working at my grandparents’ shop, Milan License and Title. I am now working every day to earn money.

When I am working from 8am until 5pm, it can be hard to get anything done as far as working on softball. Since school has been closed now for awhile, we have not been able to practice or play with our high school teams, and it’s terrible. But some of the positives for me coming out of this situation is that I’m making money and saving it up to be able to pay for things myself.

My schedule on a day to day basis consists of waking up everyday at 6:30am and getting to work around 7:40am. I work from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday and Saturday 9am-Noon. After work, I try to work on softball, and if it’s nice out, I try to get outside for a walk, but when it’s cold out, I can’t really workout outside and since there are no gyms open, I have to come up with workouts to do inside. But I have not been doing a workout every day like I should because it’s hard to have motivation when your stuck inside most of the time.

I have also been keeping myself busy at night by painting and doing some other art stuff. The days seem like they are going by really slowly, but it’s going faster than you would think. I am staying positive and looking forward to when we are able to return to school, but most of all, returning to softball and getting to see my friends every day again and hanging out with them outside of school.