Pandemic of 2020: A High School Students Point of View

Emily Bush, Writer

Have you wondered what the high school students are doing with all of this time off during the Covid-19 Pandemic? Well, let me tell you, my name is Emily Bush, and I am currently a Junior at Rock Island High School. 


Spring Break came, and everyone was ready for a two week break, sleeping in, hanging with friends, making memories, all of that fun stuff. As soon as our break was about to end, we got the message. All Illinois schools will be closed until April 7th due to the Corona Virus outbreak, a “stay at home” order will be issued, and social distancing will be practiced. This meant no friends, and no non-essential errands. Then, on March 30th, we got the call that said the “stay at home” order has been extended through April 30th. 


This meant that I was going to spend my birthday in the house. This really made me realize what I all take for granted. Hanging out with my friends in person, going out to eat, going to the mall, and going on those car rides with your friends when you just jam to your favorite music. I miss that more than anything right now. 


As of what I’ve been doing to keep myself busy, I love to FaceTime my friends and loved ones, I’ve cleaned my room top to bottom countless times, got back into reading, which I am so glad I did, and of course, I’ve stayed up too late and slept in quite a bit. I’m really trying to take care of myself and my loved ones with this time.


My days have changed a lot since all of this started. I no longer wake up at 6:45 to get ready for school. I wake up around 8:45 or 9 a.m. on a good day. On days where I stay up too late, I wake up more around 10 a.m. and stay in my pajamas. It might sound bad, but my days have honestly become one, they’ve all merged together. I don’t always know what day of the week it is. 


This time has had a huge impact on me as well as a lot of my peers, I’d imagine. I have learned a lot about myself and the people that surround me. This is a very difficult time for everyone, but I know that we will get through it! Stay strong! And don’t forget to wash your hands!