A Newfound Appreciation

Anna Rowell, Editor

Never in my entire life have I wanted to go to school more than I do at this very moment.  I miss school, I miss seeing my friends and my teachers everyday. To me, people are the best part about being alive. I love being able to understand why we are the way that we are, to learn about others, what makes them tick or what makes them smile. And school is the perfect place to do that because there is so much exposure to all types of people, especially at Rocky.

 I guess I never really knew how important going to school and being surrounded by people really was. I have a newfound appreciation for everything that schools provide.  As much as school teaches students about important subjects like history or math, it also teaches responsibility, dedication, and structure. It provides an outlet, as well, for students to express themselves, whether it’s through the spring musical, the football team, or the Soup club. Everyone has a way to express themselves and hang out with the people that make going to school worthwhile.

Schools are also where students go to find, not only themselves, but also the friends and teachers that help them get through whatever hard times they may face. For some going home was the escape, but for others who are not so lucky, school is the escape. It’s the place where they are accepted and loved. It is also the place where they are fed and protected because maybe they don’t have access to those same “luxuries” at home.

 I am very lucky, in the fact that I have an absolutely amazing family, who are always there for me, but some people have not been blessed with the same. Some people find their families at school and it’s hard not being with them and having that escape from their home lives that some desperately need.

I believe school is a place where everyone can go and accomplish whatever they desire and a lot of those things are hard to do from home. I miss school, and while I am sad this is how the year is ending, I am happy that I was able to find this new appreciation for the place where everybody can go to learn and understand and find the people who will support and love them.

— Anna Rowell