A letter to all of the future Rocky students

Emily Bush, Editor

A letter to all of the future Rocky students, 


At this time, all of my fellow high school peers and I are in quarantine due to the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus, also know as Covid-19. When I tell you that everything happened so fast, I mean it came out of nowhere. No one was expecting it to impact us all this much. 


My experience has been different compared to others. So here it is for you all. Spring Break rolled around and all was good, everyone was happy and full of life, running their daily errands and going out to eat with their families. Then suddenly, everything changed so fast it’s as if someone flipped a light switch. 


No more running errands, no more eating out with family, no hanging with friends. Everything changed so suddenly. Everyone said hello to staying home, wearing masks, and empty shelves. That was the new normal. What I hope that you future students can learn from this letter is to not take anything for granted. Do not take for granted seeing friends and family every day, eating out, going on random drives, and even going to the grocery store. Because it can all change in an instant and you’ll never see it coming. 


I hope when you’re reading this, all is good, and life is simple, back to normal. I hope that you are living your best life and are happy. I would not wish this on anyone, and I hope that it’s the last of it. 



Emily Bush, a Rock Island High School Student