Changes For Everyone


Sarah Stevanovic, Writer

There have been a lot of changes that have occurred over the time we have been at home with this virus. There have been big changes and little changes for everyone. Some of them could be good changes, and others can be bad. Some of the changes are challenging and some are easy for people. Some of those changes are not just for people that are staying at home it is for the people that are still working in busy places, such as different routines when you are work, such as wiping down the carts and the conveyor belt when someone is checking out. There are also more changes to come in the next couple of weeks when we are still at home. 

One of the biggest changes for most people was to do schooling or working from home. Some people are still going into work because they work an essential job, such as in the hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, and many other businesses that are required to be open. For me, since we still have to do schooling, I try to do all of it at the beginning of the day so I am not waiting to turn it in by midnight. Now that we have been doing this for a couple weeks, my assignments are not stacked on top of each other where I have five things to do in one day, there is a chance that there would only be two different classes that I would have to do, but usually I would only have one class assignment a day. Now we have to do schooling for the rest of the school year. 

Another change that occurred was what people could do. Most people would go out on the weekend to go shopping or go out to dinner. But now everyone has to keep their distance and the malls in Illinois are closed because of our Governor J.B. Pritzker shut everything down. All restaurants are delivery or curbside pickup because they can’t go in and eat at the tables because it isn’t social distancing. Other businesses might be essential but they have decided to close for the safety of their workers. Places that could be open, but decided to close were like Whitey’s, and some Starbucks locations. 

There are many reasons why our state and community is like this. The first reason is because our Governor wanted to take precautions by closing down the state to make sure that we can maintain social distance and stop the spread of the virus before it would hit our state and make a big impact. There are daily live updates that many people watch and then they would comment about how other states that are opening up and their cases amount is raising a lot more than our state and how we are not allowed to go anywhere. Some people do not listen to the stay at home order in the first place.

Another change that has happened was grocery stores are becoming swamped. Some of the stores like Hy-Vee have started to make the aisles a one way, where you can go up and own specific aisles to try to help everyone keep their distance. They also only have one exit and one entrance, and the other entrance is now being used as the ways of getting aisles online orders in and out as fast as they can to the customers that do not want to go inside. Also at every aisle they have a protective plastic screen that is supposed to make the workers safe from others. Most stores also have a set limit to how many people can be in the store at one time. 

Also, people have been going to the store and buying things in bulk, which makes the stores put a limit on things so one person doesn’t buy the whole product. That limit is to like for bread you can only get two things of bread, and for toilet paper and paper towels you can get three things, and it doesn’t have to be all one thing, it could be a mixture of the different products. Another thing that is now happening is that stores are running out of the simple supply that everyone needs on a daily basis. Even stores are running out of fresh meat, and you never know when they are going to be getting more supply of the certain things. When the stores get their trucks in with all of the supplies most of the people will swarm the shelves or the places might not even put them on the shelves and they would just leave the pallets out for everyone to just grab off of and some of them fight over the last items.