Better Days

Morgan Freeman, Writer

During this time, I know it’s hard for everyone, but we’re all going through this together. I know it is all hard for us to stay in the house and not being able to see our friends and family. I know it’s hard for us kids not getting to go to school and even having jobs closed down. It is hard for everyone to not have their normal life back right now. 

If we all do what we’re supposed to do, hopefully, we can get back to our daily lives, seeing friends and family and getting to go out and everything back opened again. No matter how long this is going to be or take, we are all in this together. I know it’s frustrating and not everyone listens because they care about themselves, but all you can do is protect yourselves and your family. 

The only thing I wish I would’ve known before is how long this would last. I also wish I would’ve known that I wouldn’t get to go back to school and finish the rest of my senior year. It makes me wish I could’ve said goodbye to my teachers and thanked them for everything they’ve done for me. I didn’t think March 6th would’ve been my last day of high school at Rocky. Rocky will always be a part of me and high school has taught me many things, and has helped prepare me for my future life. I couldn’t thank everyone one at that school  enough.