What has challenged you the most during this time?

Ben Samuelson, Writer

The main thing that has challenged me during this horrible time is not having soccer. I’ve played soccer for 13 years of my life, and it’s a part of my life at this point. Not having a spring season or training sessions on the daily just isn’t right for me. I’ve really lost control of everything: my sleep schedule, my fitness, my goalkeeping skills, etc.

To try and deal with this, I’ve been trying to go for runs, find goalkeeper drills that I can do by myself, and get outside more. It really is hard when I don’t have the ability to do what I love because my passion for the game can’t be fulfilled due to this quarantine.

Another thing that has challenged me during this time is gaining an education, mainly math. Some of the stuff that I am learning has been quite difficult to grasp over a computer screen. I’m not quite sure what I’m learning to be honest. I also have to study for the AP Stats exam that is coming up this next Friday. Everything else is quite easy, but the math classes are quite difficult to understand without somebody teaching it to me.