Changing Times

Morgan Freeman, Wrtier

With everything changing, like places closing, hours of places changing early, everyone’s feelings have slowly changed about what’s going on. I know a lot of people are probably stressed and wishing for everything to all be over, and of course, back to normal. 

To me, everything has just changed and bummed me out, for example, school. I never thought it would’ve ended like this all so soon, knowing I’ll never take a class at Rocky ever again. I know almost every Senior is pretty bummed, but I can most likely speak for everyone, we all miss having our normal lives, like going to school. I’ve never thought I’d hear myself say, “I’m so ready to go back to school”. Senior year has been the best year in all my 4 years at Rocky. I got to experience so many new things and I’ll miss it all.

My feelings have changed and have been hurt with everything I was looking forward to, mainly just Prom and Graduation. I was so looking forward to my 1st prom and getting to walk the stage with all my classmates. My heart hurts for all the people that play Spring sports because I just know they were all looking forward to their season. I know everyone that had something planned are all pretty upset that it’s either been cancelled or postponed, and I feel for all of those people. With all these changes, my heart hurts and all I know is we’re all going through this together.