Classic Movies for the Win

Classic Movies for the Win

Hannah Simmer, Writer

Do you remember all of your favorite movies growing up? The classics you wish you could watch for the first time again to feel the full effect once more time. Now compare them to the movies kids watch now. Such a downgrade right? I now devote time at least once a day to introduce my niece Ila to the classic movies. I’ve decided this because I hate watching all of her shows and instead of telling her that, I now hype up one of my favorites from Disney Plus to show her.

Today is Day One and we started with Alice in Wonderland. Before you ask, yes we started with the classic one from 1951. Don’t worry! At first, I have to admit Ila said no. So, I had to persuade her with a description. 

First, I told her about the Mad Hatter. How silly he was and quite crazy. Plus, he loved to have tea parties! Ila always asks for me to have tea parties with her, so by this point of the description, she had big eyes, ready for the next character.

Next I explained the cat to her. The cat has powers to where he can disappear and reappear in different places! Plus he’s FLUFFY. I showed Ila a picture of the cat and she did this cute little giggle. “He’s so cute!” Ila squealed. 

Lastly, the point I knew was for sure going to get her to say yes to the movie… All of the singing flowers and silly bugs. Music really interests Ila. She’s always either singing or dancing, just like the flowers. Then with the toast butterflies, who wouldn’t love them. First of all, bread is one of the best foods and secondly, who doesn’t love colorful little butterflies. It’s the perfect combination. 

After explaining to Ila the movie, she was so excited to watch it. “Yes!” she screamed. I can now finally enjoy a movie while being with my favorite person. It’s definitely been a win-win situation. I just need to figure out more classics to show her. Any suggestions?