COVID19- Stress

Ben Samuelson, Writer

If anything has stressed me out, it’s the fact that we don’t know when we will be safe again. As quite an active guy myself, I don’t like the idea of quarantine. It just makes me upset having to stay at home and not be able to do anything with my friends.

I had read something recently saying that schools in Illinois may have to prepare for E-Learning in the fall school year. Obviously, when I say this, I say it for all of the Class of 2021 when I say this. We want our final year of high school to be the best one yet. Yeah, we may have a negative outlook on school, but at this point, people want to go back to school. We’re all sick of sitting at home and having nothing to do.

My method of coping with this stress is playing video games. I’ve gotten into video games a lot more and I’ve gotten better, little by little, each day. I’ve mainly been playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare with a couple of my friends. Trying to get my mind off this has been my method of calming down. I’ve been trying different things with objects found around my house. For example, my sister found our old Wii that we use to play all the time. We broke out Just Dance 3 for the first time in many many years, and it felt good to bring back an old memory from my childhood.