Challenging Times

People around the world are facing new challenges daily due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We are so used to being able to do whatever we want or go wherever we want, but in these challenging times, that is not the case.

The hardest challenge to overcome in the midst of all this chaos for me personally, is not being able to see my friends and family. I am used to seeing my friends every day, and hanging out with them frequently. I have not been able to hangout with my friends like normal for about a month now. This is a huge challenge for me because I count on them to take away the stresses of everyday life. Not to mention they keep me from being bored all the time, which is an everyday occurrence while in quarantine. I know I can still talk to them via facetime or text, but it just is not the same.

I also usually see my family quite frequently. I miss talking with them about whatever is going on in our lives and getting all the family drama. The other day, I was social distancing outside at  my grandparents’ house just to visit them and check on my grandpa because he is having some medical issues, and when I was getting ready to leave my grandma started crying because I couldn’t give her a hug. It honestly broke my heart. Honestly, the only thing you can really do to try to overcome these challenges are visit your friends and family 6 feet apart. It is still difficult, but at least you get to see them and talk to them in person.

I hope this all blows over soon. I can not wait for everyone to be back together again. This whole situation has made me realize that we take time with our family and friends for granted.