Spooky Soccer Tourney


Alyssa Groothaert, Editor

On Saturday, October 26th, the Rock Island Girls Soccer program competed in a Halloween tournament at the TBK Sports Complex in Bettendorf, Iowa. The team played a total of three games on a smaller field, with 9 players on at a time. “Although the girls did not get the results they had wished for, they still had a good time and kept positive attitudes,” said Coach Matt Groothaert. Groothaert also says he thinks this tournament and the indoor season will be a great way for the new faces and returning players to interact and get used to playing together. A sophomore, Uda Kimba is very skilled in any position you need her was asked to play with the team the Lady Rocks were playing against because they did not have enough players. Olivia Bowman said, “It sucked not having Kimba and Alyssa when they went to help out, but it showed our team we can still score and have a good time without them.” Bowman also thinks playing against her teammates was a fun and good experience for the team. 

All of the returning players did a very good job welcoming and helping the new players get used to the play style. The tournament also just helped them with things they need to learn to be successful. One moment that gave everyone a laugh was that most of the players thought the games were inside, but they really were outside in 40 degree weather. The team did all they could to keep warm. Groothaert said, “I think the girls did a great job working together. They could use a little more communicating, but other then that, it went very well.”

The girls’ final game was played against a team they normally play during their spring season, which is Clinton. Groothaert said, “It was nice for the team to play them so that the girls can prepare more for them in the spring. The first game was a little tough, playing together, but as the game went on, they got more comfortable with each other, and started playing better. The first game the Lady Rocks lost 8-0, the second game was a loss of 5-4, and the final game was also a loss of 1-0. The games were not typically in our favor, but it was definitely a good experience.