The Next Step

Bailey Proffitt

Rock Island’s current seniors, Brycen McGarry and Mateo Pena, made their decision to continue to play baseball at Carl Sandburg. After time and thought, McGarry made his commitment on February 25, 2022. McGarry explains that he chose Carl Sandburg because he “loved the environment of the baseball program.” Not too long after, Pena made his big decision on February 28, 2022. 

As the school year is coming to an end, the seniors get more excited to take their next step together. McGarry states, “I’m excited to live on my own, and getting the opportunity to play college baseball.” Pena agrees, and explains, “I can’t wait to get moved into college and experience what it’s like.”

Although college can be very exciting, it does come with many challenges. One challenge McGarry believes he will face is that, “There will be more talent at the next level, and it will be harder to compete with others.”  That doesn’t stop McGarry though, as he states he will overcome these challenges by “working really hard so I can show others what I can do.”

Being able to continue to play at the next level is a huge accomplishment, but being able to start the next chapter of your life with a high school friend seems to be beneficial in various ways. McGarry believes that there is an advantage with this opportunity, explaining, “You already know someone there, and can learn the environment with that person.” Not only that, but they already aware of each others skills and “how to play together.”