Spring Trips!


Bella Allison

The Lady Rocks Varsity Softball Team traveled to St. Louis, March 17th- 19th, to hopefully be able to play some games. So far, the Lady Rocks have not had the best luck with weather. Games have been canceled due to the rain or the drastic change in temperatures. Unfortunately, they only got to play two games in St. Louis due to the weather. The team went 1-1 for the weekend. A senior catcher on the Varsity team, Gabriella Taber gives an insight on what the team did on the trip when they had some down time. For team bonding, they went to the outlet mall, the zoo and out to dinner. Luckily for Taber, she was able to spend her birthday with her best friends. “Since my birthday was on the 18th, we went out to a nice dinner to celebrate!” Taber stated that since the majority of the team were seniors being able to spend the day with them was the best! “Having five freshmen come on the spring trip with us allowed me to build a stronger relationship with each of them.” One of Taber’s favorite things was the bus rides with her teammates. This included singing, dancing together, and doing each other’s hair on the bus. Although they were unable to play as many games as they were scheduled to, the team was still able to build stronger bonds and friendships. As the trip came to an end, Taber stated that, “We grew a lot closer together before the trip was over.”

Coming from a coaches perspective, the Lady Rocks Varsity Softball Coach, Chris Allison was able to spend time with the nine seniors, and get to know the underclassmen a little better. Bringing up the five freshmen, Coach Allison had hoped to give them an opportunity to play some games, and show them what the Lady Rocks softball program was all about, and “how doing the little things right can be so important.” For example, “Seniors get off the bus first, juniors, then sophomores, and lastly, freshmen, and everyone has an assigned job to carry equipment when we get off and on the bus,” he explained.

Although the rain caused games to be canceled, Coach Allison did what he could to make the best of the trip. He did everything he could to try to give the girls an opportunity to play. Allison states, “Rain played a big part for our trip since we had to find a team to play on Saturday since two teams canceled on us. But our young ladies stayed focused, and were ready to play when the time came.” To conclude, Allison hopes that this trip was a good learning experience for the girls, and plans to get back on the field this week and win some more games!