The Social Distancing Meaning to Me

Kerrigan Lewis, Writer

Social Distancing means a lot to me, considering that your choice can mean life or death for others. I don’t think some teens realize that them going out and seeing their friends puts others at risk, which makes me think no one’s taking it as seriously, as we should. I have seen a bunch of people continue to hang out with their friends and act as if this is a big vacation, when it’s not, it’s a life or death situation. 

There have been different ways I’ve maintained contact with my loved ones. For instance,  my friends and I have facetimed a lot and caught up with each other, and what’s been going on with our lives. I also text them a lot and if there’s ever a problem, I always have someone I can call and talk to.

As for my family, some of them aren’t really all technology absorbed like some of us teens.  I have to actually call them and talk to them, which is perfectly fine by me, and I’m willing to do that if it means keeping in contact with them and knowing they are okay instead of guessing or thinking they are okay. 

Social distancing also means that when you are going out that you are not only keeping yourself safe, but keeping others safe too, which is wearing gloves and covering up my face with a mask, which even though is really weird and can be annoying at times, it’s okay because I know I’m protecting others and also myself.  I wish others would take this more seriously and what I wish even our president would follow because I think if he’s going to make us follow it and ask for us to follow it. It’s only right if he does the same himself so that he’s setting a good example, and he’s also protecting him and his family at the same time.

 Those are some things I do to continue to talk to my family and friends and what social distancing means to me and what it should mean to others.