Quarantine Necessities

Quarantine Necessities

JaRaya Carr, Editor

Being inside all the time has been driving me crazy. With no school and no businesses being open, it is been boring. I think the only way I have survived this long at home is my laptop, my phone, wifi, my mom, and my dog, Princess. If I didn’t have these things, I would have probably have gone crazy in my house alone all day and every day. The most important thing is my Macbook Air, what a beautiful invention!

My laptop is my world. Everything I do involves my laptop, school, social media, and food. I got my laptop 2 Christmas’ ago, and it has helped me with school work since we are under lockdown to my weekend entertainment, which involved in Netflix and Youtube. Watching tv on my laptop is so much better than my phone. I take it everywhere with me. I take it when I got to anyone’s house. I even take it with me when I go out of town to see family and friends.

My family is one major essential during quarantine. My mom and I have been having fun every day since we have been lockdown. My mom and I have watched many movies, especially Lifetime movies. We played games, talked to a lot of family members, took naps mostly every day, and eat a lot of take-out food. Having my mom home with me on her days off is fun because we will play games. She will chase me if I mess with her too much, and I will tease her all the time, so she will get “mad” and chase me and my dog upstairs to my room. Without my mom being my entertainment, it would be boring in my household. When I go to college, that will be something I miss- my mom’s jokes and her always making me happy, even if we are under quarantine.

My dog, Princess is my best friend. She gets on my nerves sometimes, but she is my family. I don’t know how my life would be without her in my family. She doesn’t speak, but she has a lot of attitudes. With Princess around, she makes my family better.  We all love Princess. We love our little Princess!

Being quarantined has been an interesting experience and a fun experience with my mom and my dog. I hope when being lockdown is over, I can still have fun times like this again and enjoy my freedom to all the open stores and nail salons!