New Way of Learning

Jusele Irambona, Editor

During the Coronavirus outbreak, a lot of things have changed. Many places have closed or now have new policies about how they run. One of the biggest changes, especially for students has been school. Schools have been shut down and we’re having to do online school. While not going to school seems fun, I’ve realized that going to school is better than online schooling, for me personally.

Physically being at school helped me not slack on any assignments and complete all my work. Also learning math is something I need a teacher for because I barely understood it in class, so learning it on my own is a bit challenging sometimes.

There are times when I enjoy being at home though, but I still miss school. I miss seeing my friends and I miss going to school events. One event I was looking forward to was my banquet, but it was cancelled due to everything that’s been going on. Even though this school year is basically done, hopefully this all gets over soon so that we can enjoy the next school year.