Online School is not for me

Hannah Simmer, Writer

In this predicament everyone is in, I understand how flexible we all have to be. I completely do. But I feel like it was easier to learn in school when I was face to face with the teachers. I miss that in school, and the schedule it kept to my day. While it was a usual lifestyle before, I never realized how much I needed it.

The class that I’m mostly having trouble with is math. For the online schooling, we take notes over youtube videos and do book work for homework.  I think it’s very important to have a teacher nearby to help with any problems while doing work. I guess during this time it’d help if I had a mathemagician to help.

One thing I never fully realized how much school kept my sleeping schedule on track. Over these weeks in the house, I’ve turned part way nocturnal. School, with the extra curricular activities, kept me falling asleep at least at eleven almost every school night. Now, I have some days where I wake up when I usually get out of school. IT’S TERRIBLE. I’ve been trying to fix it. I guess you can see how it’s a good thing quarantine was extended, because now I have time to fix my hours!