Ben Samuelson, Writer

Before quarantine, I didn’t really have a problem with school. I would always go, do my work, go to practice if I was in season for soccer, then head home.

Now that we are unable to go to school, I like having time off, but I really wish we could go back. I mainly miss being able to sit in class and actually take on a lesson from teachers. I feel it helps me better understand the material, and I can ask questions during the lessons, rather than sending an email to my teacher and having to wait for their responses.”

— Ben Samuelson

I miss all of my teachers, some more than others because I will not have them in a class next year.

My perspective on school has changed a lot. I think about it like this. School is like a routine thing. Once your routine gets messed up, it’s going to take awhile to get yourself back on track. A few of my teammates and I played in an indoor league at River’s Edge in Davenport. We played so well up until the second to last game of the season. It was the first Friday after we got off for spring break. We ended up losing to a team we had beaten previously by a score of 1-5. Once our routine was messed up, we didn’t play as well as we did in the previous games. It’s the same with school. Since we’re going to be off for so long, everybody’s routines changed dramatically. Once school activities are able to start up again, everybody’s schedules will hopefully go back to normal, and everybody will be happy again.