Changing times, unchanging pRIde…

Changing times, unchanging pRIde...

Amelia Pena, Editor

Some of the biggest events and moments in my life were postponed due to COVID-19. Most of these things I will never get back or get another shot at. Walking across the stage, playing my final games at Frances Willard Field, and enjoying my senior Prom. All three moments, whether they last a couple months or a couple of hours, they were all taken away from me and greatly impacted my life. 

Four years, for four years we walk around the hallways with the same kids. We sit in class with the same kids. We play sports with the same kids, and we even watch each other grow and improve. To walk across the stage with all the kids we’ve gotten so close to is supposed to be a fun thing, a happy thing. To have it taken from us so fast and before we could even process the idea of not graduating in a normal way is heartbreaking. At this point, all I hope is that we can have a graduation that we deserve. 

Throughout my high school experience at Frances Willard Field, I’ve always looked up to the seniors and cried on senior day thinking, “What am I going to do without them?” Walking through the tunnel of bats with my parents by my side is something that I ALWAYS looked forward to some day. Knowing I won’t be able to play my last softball games as a Lady Rock is devastating and feels so unreal. 

I’ve gone to every dance that our school has had and bought a new dress last minute almost every single time. This time was different. About a month and a half ago, I traveled to Chicago to buy my prom dress, just so that I knew I would have one in time and I wouldn’t have to stress about it during softball season. I hope that at some point we will be able to have some type of prom or get together to have fun one last time together. 

— Amelia Pena