Staying Sane

MacKenzie Noppe, Writer

During this time period, it’s been very hard to stay level headed and calm. It’s hard for me because I’m stressed with online schooling and work. Personally, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy with homework, work, cleaning around the house and doing activities like coloring and trying new hobbies. 

I started a new project; crocheting. At first, it was very challenging just because I’ve never done it before and have never really been super interested in it. To my surprise, I really enjoy it, and I can’t wait to try bigger projects with it, like a blanket or a sweater. I’ve helped myself by staying busy, but my family and my boyfriend are the people who have helped me the most during this time. 

My mom has been super understanding about me still wanting to work. It’s been hard though just because she works, as well. I also have to watch my brother while she’s at work, then she comes home to watch him while I’m at work. It’s a busy schedule just because we both have responsibilities to take care of. We manage to make it work, and that’s something I’m really grateful for. 

My boyfriend has also helped me stay calm because he encourages me to do the best I can for myself and others, if possible. He reminds me that things will get better, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment. It’s been hard not seeing him as much as I’d like, but just knowing he’s there for me means everything. 

Even though I don’t get to see friends anymore, we still facetime and I appreciate facetime to a whole new level now. It’s the same with my sister. She has been gone for awhile now because she moved to Texas, but it’s so nice being able to talk to her over the phone because I’m worried about her being so far away. She always tries to reassure me about these difficult times.

I love my family because they have kept me going through all of this, and even my friends, too. It’s nice knowing what everyone is up to, even if it is just being at home all day long. I hope everyone can make it through this and we can all send love to each other. I can’t wait for the normal days back again. I miss my friends and family (that I haven’t been able to see) so much! I’m ready fo these quarantine days to be over… Now!