Changing Times

Morgan Freeman, Writer

With everything being closed and cancelled along with school, I hate the feeling of knowing I’ll never get to make more memories in high school again. I’ll never get to enjoy my last month in high school, never get a prom, Senior prank, and even Senior skip day. 

Everything happened so fast. I didn’t think it would end this way, but I also knew it was going to end up happening. With school changing at first, I didn’t care for it because my only thought was, “We’ll be back soon,” but with the dates getting pushed back over time, I had realized we weren’t going back at all. I did get a little upset when I had found out we wouldn’t be going back because as a Senior, I wanted to enjoy my last month in high school. Knowing I won’t get a prom or probably won’t even get to walk across the stage upsets me and many other Seniors because we worked so hard for this, and even talked about this since we started high school.

I’ll miss everything about Rocky. I’ll miss the teachers, my friends, going to the football and basketball games, and even being a part of the Lady Rocks Basketball Team and playing for my school. I know Rocky will always be a second home to me, if I wasn’t there for school, I was there cheering on my school or practicing my sport. I know I can always come back to Rocky after I graduate because they always make me feel welcomed, and I can’t miss Friday night lights if I’m not busy on a Friday. Rocky has brought me my closest friends, who have turned into my sisters, that I know will always be there for me at the end of  the day.

High school has taught me so much and it also sucks having to say goodbye.