Quarantine Advice

Quarantine Advice

Lauryn Dempsey, Editor

Everyone in the nation is suffering the effects of Covid-19. A lot of people are experiencing the same emotions as you right now. This is a very difficult time, but we can, and will get through it.

My advice to everyone is to continue to think about others. During this time, it is easy to pity yourself and dwell on all of the terrible consequences of the Coronavirus. Doing this may cause you to risk your safety, and the safety of others. I know you are sick of quarantine, I myself am sick of quarantine. But if you break the safety guidelines that are put in place, such as social distancing, you are risking your life and endangering others. Think about how you would feel if anyone close to you contracted the virus.

— Lauryn Dempsey

It would be terrible and then you would wish that everyone followed the safety guidelines. Do not let it have to affect you directly, in order for you  to take it seriously. Think about how thousands of people are fighting for their life, and you have the choice to do your part in this whole thing. Also remember that you are not the only one going through this. As I had mentioned previously, everyone in the nation is suffering! If all those people can get through this without breaking the safety guidelines, then you can too. You are never alone in this. 

One thing I wish I had known earlier is that people can have the virus for 2 weeks and not show any symptoms. Make sure you and your family are washing your hands frequently and wearing face masks when out in public for essentials. Stay safe! No amount of advice will make the situation less heartbreaking, but you will get through it. Keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers and remember you are not alone.