COVID19 Necessities

Hannah Dale, Writer

There isn’t a basic necessities list for everyone. Each person has different needs and wants, especially while in quarantine. This is a hard time for so many people, especially the people who have disabilities/mental illnesses. 

First, on my short list of quarantine necessities; television! Yes! I need something to watch to keep me occupied during this. Netflix is a must. I’ve even begun to have mini movie marathons, since time is all I have now.

Next, snacks! Whether they be healthy or far from it, you need snacks while you’re binging, chilling, or just want to snack! Snack are muy importante!

Lastly, social interactions! Even though physical interactions aren’t suggested, I believe everyone needs to interact. Whether it be a friend, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or a small family gathering, everyone needs interactions to stay sane.