Social Media is My Lifesaver


Emma Beierlein, Editor

I believe “social distancing” means something different to everyone. Unfortunately, there are people who know what it means to social distance and they just refuse. But then you have those people who follow the rules to the extreme. To me, social distancing means, no visiting friends (not even one) or family, only making essential trips to stores, avoiding public places and trying your best to stay 6 feet from those you come in contact with. 

The hardest part about social distancing is, by far, not being able to visit friends. I am grateful for the social media resources we have access to. Snapchat has been a great way to stay in contact with friends, and I have definitely abused it! Also, my friends and I have made multiple Zoom calls, the calls last so long without us even realizing. As a matter of fact, I was on Facetime last night for almost 3 hours with a friend!! If I could have anything right now, it would be being able to hang with my friends.  I have also seen my grandparents almost weekly because they come to pick up groceries that we shop for, but of course six feet a part. 

I hope the stay at home order will be released in enough time for me to visit all my people before I’m off to college. Better yet, I hope we will be able to enjoy our summer as usual. If not though, I will continue to social distance, as we are told by health experts because staying healthy and doing my part as a community member is my number one priority. 

— Emma Beierlein