Goodbye Junior Year…

Johnnie Teague, Writer

Adjusting to this Stay at Home order has been hard. It sucks to say that being in the house every day, binging Netflix shows, and most of all sleeping, has become a world wide new normal. What I’ve been most stressed about probably falls in line with millions across the world, which is not being able to leave and missing school.

Sleep. Eat. Repeat. 

This has been the only way to help cope with the fact that the only leaving I can do is minimal exercise outside and trips to local grocery stores. Just about every day, I’ve been going to sleep at 12 PM and waking up around nine o’clock at night, giving me only three hours to finish any work for the day on Google Classroom. Procrastination has always been a personality trait of mine, and now that I don’t have my teachers, friends, or high achiever students to motivate me, turning in work has been a whole new challenge I have to soon get used to and stop doing.

Being a Junior is probably one of the most important years of high school there is. This is the year we were supposed to take the SAT. This is the year I felt that I was finally physically qualified to make it to State and win Conference with my track team. This was supposed to be the year of my first prom. This was the year that I was to be watching my brother walk across the stage. In junior high, they said Junior year was your hardest year, and never once in the back of my mind did I think this is what they meant.

This pandemic has been an eye opener, mainly to not miss any opportunity to spend time with your class. Although this is hard to take in, I am very grateful that I have one more year, but feel bad for the seniors who don’t. All best wishes to class of 2020, it’s been real. 

Once a Rock always a Rock.