Challenging Times

Ben Samuelson, Writer

The most challenging thing that has occurred during quarantine is my boredom. I can’t go outside and do anything because I’d be putting my family at risk of getting the virus. Playing different video games for hours and hours on end really gets to you. When you can’t go and just chill with your friends, that also gets to you, as well.

If there’s any way I’ve tried to deal with it is just trying to stay positive and try to get some cardio going. I have been really lazy when it comes to going outside and trying to get in decent shape for my upcoming senior season. I just want to be able to go outside, play soccer, and just have some fun. So, I’m hoping this quarantine ends soon so we can go have fun.

Trying to stay positive is another main thing. If I’m stuck inside, there’s really nothing I can do with a soccer ball without having a high chance of breaking something in the process. I can always look up workouts to do, which is what I’m going to start doing relatively soon. The most important thing we can do is have a positive eye on the whole situation, and as long as we all do our part and stay inside, hopefully, we will all be able to go outside and enjoy ourselves after this long quarantine.