Kaylea Roessler, Writer

Throughout the spread of Covid-19, it seems that social distancing has not been taken seriously. To me, social distancing means that you are physically distancing yourself from other people, and that doesn’t just mean 6ft a part, that means not going over to your friend’s house or your grandparents because you need to keep yourself safe and your parents, as well as your whole family.

Gathering in large groups is a dangerous decision right now in time. Social distancing is a very important thing right now. It is the new normal. Because of the social distancing, I have been making sure to keep in touch with my family and my friends. I talk to my grandparents every other day, and I text with my friends pretty much every day. I miss getting to see my friends every day and my family. But I do understand that social distancing is very important right now, so with that being said, I have taken precautionary measures to keep myself and everyone around me safe. I feel everyone should be wearing a mask if they have to be in public and practice social distancing with everyone around them. Everyone stay safe during these trying times and stay positive, and tell your family you love them.