Stressful quarantine

Kerrigan Lewis, Writer

Now that we have been officially on quarantine for a few weeks, I have definitely built up more stress due to this virus and everything it’s caused, and I am definitely more stressed now that everyone is basically freaking out about it. 

At first, I was really stressed because we were on spring break, and I was just thinking it would all eventually blow over before it ended. Well, little did I know that it would be this way for a month or possibly even more. When the first cancellation came, I was upset because I didn’t want to make up those days or have to make up the work. At the time, I wasn’t scared of the virus itself. 

 Some things I do to calm myself down have just been to play games or read, or just try to keep myself away from any media possible, if it gets too much to handle at a time. I do tend to think about it sometimes a little too much because I wonder if things will be the same after this, but I try not to think like that at the same time. 

The thing that has stressed me out the most is definitely not being able to leave my house. I’m not a people person, and I’d much rather stay in my house than go to a party because of this. I’m like this because of my terrible anxiety and trust issues, in all honestly. But I never realized that being able to even go to school and maybe not even liking the people there ,just that simple interaction with people, or other people my age, was helping me from not going crazy. I have grown tired of seeing the same people now and doing the same thing. So be forced to basically stay home and away from people is weird for me because normally I would do it all the time. 

Another thing that stresses me out so how bad it’s gotten. Since no one my age or not even my parents have dealt with something like this, it’s definitely scary and something I wish I would never have to go through again. The way the virus continues to just kill and move quickly is definitely a slap in the face because it is like it has a mind of its own and it doesn’t care who or what you are, it just wants to do damage. It’s accomplishing its goal. 

Though I have learned a little that I can’t stress about it too much and let it completely consume me because it’s life, and it happens, and none of us can really control what happens, all we can do is try to do our part  and hope for the best.