Necessities While Being Distant

Alyssa Groothaert, Editor

Social distancing requires people to stock up on their must have items,  their necessities. Most people are referring these to be essential items including groceries, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and many more. The most stressful part about only going out for essentials is that everyone has different items that are essential to them.

A few of my personal necessities during this difficulty include all the normal food and bathroom items, but also just as important to me is some type of arts and craft or project to keep myself busy. I get bored very easily, and having everything closed is really hard for me to keep occupied. I have done a lot of painting and rearranging/ organizing my room and bathroom.

Another thing that is a must for me is having all my laundry done, so I’ve been organizing all my clothes. I even color coordinated my closet! I also have been taking out clothes that I don’t wear or rarely wear and created an account on instagram for people to buy them for cheap prices!