Free Time

Morgan Freeman, Writer

Ever since we have been out of school, my free time has opened up a lot, but also with places being closed, there is not much for me to do. I don’t spend a lot of my time doing activities like most people have been doing. 

One thing I have done a lot is sleep. I try not to sleep as much, but there’s not much for me to do. If I’m not asleep I like to watch Netflix, Disney+, or just spend time with my brother and dog when I get the chance. My mom works during the day Monday-Friday, but on the weekends, we’ve baked cookies, or sometimes I’ll do puzzles with her. My schedule hasn’t changed much besides my sleep schedule, and it’s hard for me to fix it as much as I want to because I can’t force myself to sleep when I want to sleep.

One other thing that hasn’t changed since my free time has opened up is I go to Awake or Atomic pretty much every other day. I try not to go every day, but sometimes, I need a little break from being in the house and to just go on a drive. Although I shouldn’t drink it as much, that’s just one of the essential things I get.

I have found a new hobby while being stuck in the house. I like to color, although it seems boring and takes too long sometimes, but it’s also relaxing to just sit back and get your mind off things. 

Quarantine has changed so much things for me. I just hope this is all over soon so I can see my friends, and hopefully, to even get a summer so I can spend my days at the pool again.