Senior Year


Montana Hogan, Editor

Schools in Illinois have been shut down for the rest of the year. My senior year is over, I mean, despite the E-Learning classes that the district has assigned. Students are suffering because all the events that we were looking forward to have been pulled from under our feet. Everyone has been trying to find ways to make the situation better, but despite their efforts, it’s hard to completely relate to what our class is going through. 

Everyone is aching and wishing that things weren’t the way that they are. Coaches are wishing their athlete’s season wasn’t “postponed”, directors are wishing their students concerts weren’t cancelled, juniors and seniors both mourn the prom that we might never have, and I am grieving the fact that I may not be able to walk for graduation. 

My senior year has been cancelled indefinitely. Prom has been “postponed”, but we all have a feeling that “postponed” is just sugarcoating it. My senior year musical has been cancelled along with my final choir concert.

It hurts to think about the fact that, as a performer in high school, I will never be able to perform on Rocky’s stage again. I feel like I have been cheated out of my “lasts” that every other graduate got to have. Having all of my events that I have been looking forward to for four years is heart crushing. 

— Montana Hogan

There is no way to reverse what is happening or make it better, so when I write about the sorrow that I am feeling, I almost feel like I am wasting my time. I have to remind myself that during a global pandemic, it’s okay to mourn what could have been- senior skip day, the last day of school, graduation. 

On the bright side, this class will be remembered in future history classes. Although it feels like senior year has been stolen from me, my future is still ahead of me, and this is only a hiccup in the big picture that is my life. It’s hard to think of the bright sides right now, but it’s the only thing that encourages me to stay persistent in these trying times.