No fourth quarter

Kerrigan Lewis, Writer

Fourth quarter of my junior year will definitely be something I remember, and not in a good way. 

I know no one ever even imagined it starting of this way, or possibly even ending this way. I really though that this quarter would be the time I would really get the high school experience, and start to enjoy school because of it ending soon, but now, that it’s taking a turn. I’m not so sure it’s the experience I wanted or not and what I expected in the first place. 

I surprisingly do miss school because of my friends and just being able to socialize and leave the house. I never knew I would not enjoy not going to school because you would think it’s every kid’s dream to not go to school, right? No. I have not liked it. Being forced to stay in your house and not socialize gets a lot harder when it’s been happening for almost a month now. 

I hope though that all of this mess ends, and even if I don’t get my junior year, that I get my senior year experience of high school.