My Necessities


MacKenzie Noppe, Writer

Quarantine is slowly killing everyone… Not in the sense that we are all truly dying, but we are all going stir-crazy. Most people don’t leave their house anymore. Many people aren’t at work unless they’re deemed an essential employee. For me, I’m deemed an essential employee, so the only time I leave my house is to go to work and then come home again. My mom only leaves the house for work because she is also deemed essential, and of course to get the house groceries. 

Being at home all the time can be peaceful, but not when the pandemic is going on. I’m personally a home body so the quarantine hasn’t been too awful, but I miss seeing friends and family. It sucks because I want to break the rules and hang out with friends, but it’s not realistic. We are suppose to be social distancing and personally I have been.

Home means many things, but it’s increased with the level of meaning behind home. Home is now school. Home is now restaurants. Home is now “having fun”. Home is now stressful. Home is now a safe place.

— MacKenzie Noppe

Of course, home isn’t home without the home essentials, especially right now, it’s been hard to keep busy just because there’s only so much to do. 

Lately, I’ve been coloring and painting a lot more than usual. I’ve been outside more, (when it’s nice out) and I get to spend more time with my brother. He’s been home with me every day until I have to go to work, of course. I get quality time with my brother, but he can also be very irritating and stressful, especially with homework. Homework has even been hard for me to adapt to because doing homework online and having lectures and what not is hard to understand without the teacher there right in front of you. If it’s stressful for me, and I’ve been doing homework for 12 years, so I can only imagine how stressed he is. 

I miss being at school and seeing friends. I miss being able to not social distance. I can’t wait until this quarantine pandemic is over. I’m ready for my new life being a college student. I miss knowing what’s actually going on with graduation. I just want to graduate, and at this point, I feel that the seniors have earned that.