I wish


Amelia Pena , Editor

To my fellow classmates and friends.

I wish we would’ve known that we had already had a bunch of lasts so we could make the most of them. I wish we would’ve known not to take anything for granted. I wish we would’ve done more together as a class and gotten along better. There are so many things I wish we could’ve done and accomplished this last quarter and I know this time is hard for all of us, but we are in this together!

Our lasts came sooner than we expected and we didn’t even get to enjoy them as our lasts. We treated all of our lasts like it was just another day at the Rock. Our last quarter of high school had so many more opportunities for us to build memories, yet we didn’t get to experience them. My advice to my fellow classmates and friends is that no matter what our lasts consisted of, our new memories during this horrific pandemic will remain the same. Keep taking one day at a time and making the most out of every day.

— Amelia Pena

 Constantly wanting early outs and days off was an every week kind of thing, hoping we didn’t have homework was an every day prayer, and taking notes, how we all hated taking notes. I wish we didn’t take any day at Rock Island High School for granted. Friends and classmates, think back on your best days at Rocky and let those be your last memories. 

In high school, people create cliques. In the 2020 class there are many, many different cliques. I wish as a class that we would’ve been closer, argued less, and cared for each other more. To my fellow 2020 family, text, call or write someone in our class to let them know we are in this together. Through this tough time, we need each other more than anything.