Kaylea Roessler, Writer

During this Quarantine, a lot has changed. I have had some challenging things that I have had to overcome. It’s challenging not being able to see my friends on a regular basis and not getting to see my grandparents, but I know it’s for their own safety. It has been challenging not to be able to practice or play as a team, and seeing everyone sad that our season has been cut short. It’s hard to see the seniors going through this hard time and not getting to play their final high school season.

I have talked to my uncle who is in a nursing home that closed at the start of this, and he is very lonely and sad that he cannot see his family, and he doesn’t understand why we cannot come and see him. But to solve the problem, we are facetiming him very often.

I am also staying in contact with my friends, as we talk daily. I try to check in on all my family to make sure they are doing well and staying healthy. I have dealt with this by expressing my concern to my parents to make sure they are also taking necessary precautions. I have been making sure to help anyone that I can because there are people facing more challenging things than my family. I have helped my grandparents when they needed something. I went and got it for them so they did not have to risk being in public with a bunch of people. I have seen many people struggling to cope with what is going on. It’s challenging to watch these people who don’t have enough food or other things. But I have been trying to help people in any way I can.