This Sucks


Anna Rowell, Editor

This sucks. I wish I was more optimistic about the situation and what the future holds for me and my senior class, but the truth is that this absolutely sucks. I’m not trying to be crude or offend you. I know they’re people whose struggles outnumber mine a thousand to one. And I am very grateful for the experiences and opportunities I have had thus far. I go to a great school and am surrounded by amazing people. My senior year, one of what was supposed to be the greatest times of life, ended earlier than it was supposed to.

We are missing out on a lot of lasts. Our last baseball game, our last musical, our last day of school. These are all things that mean so much to people, and not just “the popular kids that everybody loves” but everyone. When we were young, we would all dream of the day we would rule the school together, go to Homecoming and Prom together, and eventually graduate together. The last few months of our juvenility were taken from us, and there is nothing we can do about it, and I’m sorry, but it absolutely sucks. In a couple of months, many of us will be leaving to go to college or elsewhere to begin our adult lives without some of the memories that we were promised we’d have. 

It’s really hard to stay optimistic because this is what life is now. It’s social distancing, being cautious everywhere you go, and not being able to go out and do anything with anyone who’s not in your immediate family.

This is no life for a teenager.

— Anna Rowell

We are in some of the greatest conditions our bodies will ever be in for the rest of our lives and we should be using them to get out and do crazy things, simply because we have the ability to. But we can’t even go to our school and finish something that we have worked almost our entire lives to accomplish. So yeah, it sucks.