Ben Samuelson, Writer

This experience changed my Junior year because I now can’t go to my first prom, nor can I finish out my only year in Journalism. I can’t go to school and see my friends every day, and it raelly sucks because my best friend lives with his grandparents, and he isn’t allowed to hang out with his friends because they have a higher chance of getting the Corona Virus.

I also can’t play my second to last year of spring soccer with my club team because of it. I’ve been playing with this group of men for over 10 years. Every second counts, and now I only have one year left of my club and high school career before I move onto college soccer.

Above all though, I think the main thing for me is that I won’t be able to understand the material I’m expected to learn before senior year. The teachers at Rock Island High School do an exceptional job of explaining things to people when needed, but as soon as the quarantine began, the only source of communication we have is email or remind. I hope all of this ends soon, and we can go back to our lives as they once were, but until that happens, we can only hope.