Struggles with quarantine

Hannah Simmer, Writer

Since day 1 of this quarantine, I have always believed, “Positivity is key to get through this,” which I still completely agree with, but distractions are also a huge help to stay sane. There are always little memories in the back of my mind that I wish I was able to do. Sometimes, I can’t wait until this quarantine is over.

If I could choose one thing I was able to do during this quarantine without any possible consequences, it would be to hang out with my grandparents. I have become really close with my grandparents, as they have been having a rough couple of months. In total, they have most likely fallen six times, each one leaving with different injuries, some even causing surgeries or staples. After each new fall, I always took it upon myself to help out. Whether that’s staying with the other while one’s in the hospital or just being a good comedian to keep their minds off worries. Now the only way I’m able to see them is when I go to mow their lawn. On the usual days, I’d mow and talk with them for an hour or two after, but now it’s just mowing and a quick conversation. I miss the amount of time I got to be with them. I definitely took it for granted too! 

Another reason this has been a huge struggle for me during quarantine is from all of the time for thoughts. If this is what it’s like not being able to hang with my grandparents is going away for college really what I should be doing? I am down to my top 2 choices, Augustana College and Dominican University. One’s close and will have all my basketball games near by, but the others 3 hours away and the closest game is a 2 hour drive. Even though I believe the distance will be best for my college experience, there hasn’t been a time I can’t stop thinking, “Well, what about them?” (Meaning my grandparents).